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Master the fundamentals of Ethereum and blockchain technology in this 1 hour free training workshop, and start your journey to becoming one of the world's first
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What We'll Cover In The Training...
You'll understand how a blockchain works, what major problem it solves, and why it's the ideal data structure for tracking all sorts of value.
You'll learn WHAT exactly Ethereum is, what it actually does, and what types of applications you'd build for it.
You'll get a solid overview of Smart Contracts, how they automate crypto payments, and all of the amazing & disruptive benefits they confer.
Transactions are at the heart of every blockchain. Everything starts with a transaction, and as an Ethereum developer you'll be working with them a lot.
You'll learn what Gas is, why it's so important, how it helps to secure the entire Ethereum network, and how you can develop dApps that don't require users to pay Gas fees.
You'll learn how distributed systems like Ethereum achieve consensus, and how the Proof Of Work consensus algorithm keeps the network decentralized and secure.
You'll understand how Public Key Cryptography and Digital Signatures provide identification and authentication in a fully decentralized system like Ethereum.
Finally, you'll learn about all of the scalability and performance advancements that are coming with Ethereum 2.0, and how its new Proof Of Stake consensus algorithm will drastically reduce the system's energy consumption.
Hi, I'm Mark, And
I'll Be Your Instructor
Mark Muskardin
Founder, Blockchain Developer, Senior Front-End Engineer
Crypto. Blockchain. A new type of technology that's never existed before. It already has a huge market due to its many benefits. Like getting rid of 2-3% merchant fees, wire fees, etc.

Bank of America is the largest patent holder of blockchain technology. That's because they see the writing on the wall. They know what's coming.

Blockchain technology is creating digital objects of value for the first time in history. Today, anything in the digital space doesn't have a ton of value because it can be knocked off and copied.

But with blockchain technology, we can turn any object in the physical world and turn it into a digital object, or token. You can take your digital object, put it up for sale, transfer ownership, and send value around like email - instantaneously.

We're entering a world without big intermediaries that can interfere. Which means we're about to create a truly global economy and true freedom of money. Not the illusion of it.

That's why this is such an amazing opportunity for developers like yourself. We're creating a world where regular people like you and me are in full control of the value we create.

Because of "blockchain", you and I are going to be able to invest in that apartment in Shangai from the convenience of our phone if we want to.

All we need right now are developers like yourself to create these new applications that will grant us financial freedom never seen before...

Will you join me in this once in a lifetime golden opportunity?
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